You should be watching this

I found an awesome thing! It’s a webcam watching two bald eagles raise their chicks.

A bald eagle spreads it's wings.

A bald eagle spreads it’s wings. Majestic as shit.

Know what’s totally rad? Bald eagles.
Know what’s even radder? Watching bald eagles do stuff.

This blog post over at My Eco-Friendly Life (another fine WordPress blog) tipped me off to an awesome project run by Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation in Fort Myers, FL. With a pair of cameras, they watch two bald eagles and they’re newly hatched chicks, and now you can too! When we found it, the eagles were sleeping, but it’s still an awesome thing to see.

To keep up with them, you can follow Southwest Florida Eagle Cam on both Twitter and Facebook, or visit their website for more information or to donate.


Edit: Apparently today (Januray 5th) is National Bird Day. Go figure.

Featured photo source:
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