It rips its skin off. And grows it back. WHAT. (The Spiny Mouse)

It’s been a slow week. I fucked up last week and forgot to write an article (or blog post, or whatever) but I wrote this one now so. It’s about the spiny mouse, and that’s about all I got on that. Sometimes that happens. You sit down to do something and nope, it just doesn’t, it just, nope, not happening. I’ve got dishes in the sink and laundry to do. Life’s a bitch.

But let’s talk about this spiny mouse cat. It’s weird to use the noun “cat” like that when talking about a mouse. No one uses mouse in a positive connotation and I think mice are a little bit nicer than cats. Sure they eat your potato chips but really they’re just exercising their good manners by sharing. If they had food I’m sure they’d give you some. Cats? Fuck cats. A cat will look you in the eye and knock over a glass of water onto your laptop. Cats don’t give a shit. Cats are the high school bad boy of pets. They’ll flip off the principal and then take a nap in history because who cares, we’re all gonna die eventually.

The spiny mouse has a very special talent that surprisingly the internet has written very little about. In a pinch, say if captured by a predator, the spiny mouse can shed its skin and escape. Shed. Its. Skin. Like, almost all of it. And then slip away. Here’s a gross picture. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t just, rock out and not have skin anymore. It grows it back in like three days. THREE DAYS. It all grows back. Hair, skin, sweat glands, even cartilage. Can we take a step back and look into how absolutely insane and terrifying that is? Imagine if your brother could do that. Don’t have a brother? Pretend you have a brother. Now pretend BAM HE JUST DROPPED ALL HIS SKIN TO THE FLOOR AND IS STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU. WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU KILL IT WITH FIRE. I know it’s your brother and you don’t want to kill him but seriously he’s an abomination and his humanity was lost long ago.

And that’s it, really. That’s all that’s interesting about the spiny mouse. It’s been speculated that this regenerative property could be turned on in humans. The idea is that it’s a gene or something that is just lying (laying?) dormant. I don’t know much about gene stuff because I’m not a super genius or anything but I can confidently say that without genes, we wouldn’t be us. That’s how genes work: they make us, us. So maybe we have a dormant regeneration gene in us somewhere that could be turned back on and then we could regrow whole limbs like the salamander. Didn’t know about that? Salamander can grow back whole limbs and even grow extra ones, which is freeky deeky. Maybe the next one will be about salamanders.

I really wish I had more about the spiny mouse. They’re small, because they’re mice, and if you keep one as a pet, make sure to get a big cage so they can exercise, as they’re prone to obesity. Also they like to be in temperatures around 81 degrees F. I honestly don’t know how to spell that F word and Microsoft Word has no suggestions. Their hair is like really rough and pointy at some spots which is where they get they’re “spiny” name from. And that’s it.

What do you think? Could you make use of growing all your skin back like that without being treated like an abomination? Let me know in the comments below, and share this article on Facebook and let your friends join the conversation. Alright, peace.


7 thoughts on “It rips its skin off. And grows it back. WHAT. (The Spiny Mouse)

  1. I almost shot a lot of water out of my nose reading this. I want to be able to shed something, not my skin because that’d fuck up a lot of plans for my week after I did it I think, more like clothes. Yeah, if things got awkward I could just quickly do a backflip and lose all the clothes, (maybe not all. Most? Most.) and while people were sitting there going “oooohhhhh, what the shit!” I could be climbing over the fence to go home and play KillZone.

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