My name is Logan. I like animals.

Animals Are Rad. They are. From the chipmunk to the blue whale, animals teach us an insane amount of cool stuff. Like did you know the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards? And a snail can regrow an eye if it loses one, probably from some sort of back alley snail knife fight? Slow, covered in mucus, and dangerous.

This blog is dedicated to cool stuff about animals, with a healthy dose of humor in the otherwise stale and boring world of “information about animals.” No really, Google any animal. Super boring.

Why would a grown man put his time into writing comedy articles about animals? This is the impulse behavior of a seven year old. Honestly, I don’t have an answer for you. I wanted to write funny things about stuff. I watch a lot of nature documentaries. I put em together. Animal and wildlife humor

I post an article every week (Wednesday or Thursday), and sometimes one on Sunday if I find something cool.

If you want, you can email me at animalsarerad@gmail.com. You can follow this blog on Twitter, or you can follow my personal account.


With love, and always remember,
Animals Are Rad
A silly blog about animal and wildlife humor


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